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Why Women?

Travel is the greatest gift of self-expression and confidence building,

paired together, women who take on the world inspire those around them

to live an enriched life. 

Women are subject to more fear-based questioning from their peers

and family members when it comes to doing anything, let alone Travelling

the world, heaven forbid, on their own. Questions such as "Aren't you Scared" or,

"Is it Safe to go on your own" can single-handedly diminish any Confidence

you had to jet off. 

We all need someone in our lives to leap out from the crowd and ENCOURAGE

our crazy ambitions, to get excited about what we have to say and contribute ideas.

This is where having the right Travel Consultant makes a huge difference.

As a First Time Traveller

it is necessary to work with someone who's drawn to the world the same way you are. Whether you are a Solo Traveller or jetting off with your Best Girlfriends, you need assurance that what is chosen for your trip is right for you. If you've only ever travelled with your Family, odds are you really have no idea what you like, let alone how to go about finding what you like. My desire as your Agent is to ensure that the right questions are being answered so you can confidently enter into a lifetime of adventure all at your own pace. 

Travel With Someone Who Gets You