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Take Me Tori Travel Consultancy has partnered with the best in the business for Travel Visa's.

Australian's love holidays and we work hard for them.

Visiting countries like The United States of AmericaVietnam, China or India for the first time can be exciting with new faces, food and things to see.  We search high and low for the perfect accommodation and set our sights on happy hour. The last thing we need is to travel halfway around the world to find out we needed a visa!


Before you purchase Airfares or Accommodation, it is best practice to research the destination you intend to visit and obtain the correct documentation.

It's easy, simply follow the prompts below!

Need some extra help?
Buying through us gives you VIP access to Visalinks Visa Professionals simply call 1300 788 765

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Important: Visalink can assist travellers leaving from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you are leaving from another country, please contact your local embassy or consulate for visa and passport services.

Unmatched Speed.  Visalink can process a travel visa or passport request fast – often in as little as one day. 

Full Line of Services.  Visalink can assist you in obtaining travel visas to over 200 countries and electronic visas like an Australian ETA or US ESTA.  Visalink offers a full line of US passport services and can obtain other documents such as letters of invitation, legalizations and document translations.


Proprietary Database. Visalink customers and clients can access a proprietary, state-of-the-art database that contains all the specific requirements for travellers of any nationality to travel anywhere in the world.  Visalink provides you with a customized Visalink Application Kit that includes precise, easy-to-follow instructions, requirements, and all necessary application forms needed to obtain your travel visa or passport.

Travel Visa and Passport Specialists.  Visalink employs over 1500 travel visa and passport specialists who individually review your application before it is submitted to an embassy or US Passport Agency.  Visalink’s highly-trained specialists recognize the trust that you place in them and strive to provide personalized, accurate, and secure service.

Secure Process. Visalink is committed to protecting your privacy. We appreciate the sensitive nature of documents required to obtain a travel visa or passport and ensure that data and document security is our top priority.  Visalink does not share your personal data or private documents.

Real-time Order Tracking.  Upon receipt of your application, Visalink will send you an email confirming that your supporting materials have arrived and have been submitted to the embassy.  Our online tracking tool allows you to view real-time tracking of your application from our website.